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Managing combinations in bulk by CSV import

Store Commander's CSV import tool allows you to create and modify products combinations whether you are working with one or multiple store using PrestaShop multistore mode.

This article includes all necessary information for you to create and modify your combinations on one or more stores.

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SINGLE STORE - Creating combinations

Creating a product and its combinations

Adding combinations to an existing product 

Adding new combinations to a product with combinations

Adding a new attributes group to a product with combinations


SINGLE-STORE - Modifying combinations 

Associating images to your combinations

Associating references to your combinations

Updating your combinations prices

Deleting/replacing combinations

Setting up specific prices on combinations


MULTI-STORES- Creating combinations 

Creating products and their combinations on multiple stores


MULTI-STORES - Modifying combinations

Modifying products and combinations prices in multiple stores

Applying a quantity to combinations in multiple stores