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Converting combinations in simple products

Your products have combinations and you wish to replace them by simple products. For example the product T-Shirt has combinations Colors: Red, Green, Yellow
You want to replace these combinations Red, Green, Yellow by 3 simple products : Red T-Shirt, Green T-Shirt, Yellow T-Shirt

This is possible by using Sc CSV export and import tools.

We will use the export to extract the information of existing products and combinations on the shop, we will then modify the data of the file, to then import it to create the new products.

The export will contain the fields of the combinations: attributes, references, prices, images and any other information you wish to be reflected in the new products.
We also include the default category, so that the new products created will be in the same category.
Here is the CSV file for the example of a t-shirt in 3 colors:


In the column NAME, we create the name of the 3 new products (name + attributes) and drag the other data to the rows of the new names:


We can then delete the 'combination attribute' column and the first 3 rows, to obtain this file:

To create these 3 new products, we load the csv file in the import window of Sc
- select the corresponding options to create the new products
- we complete the mapping automatically, click on the icon
- we start the import

We now have the 3 new simple products we wanted:


We can then activate these 3 new products, and deactivate the product with combinations.

Note that when exporting, you can include other fields that you want to reflect on the new products, such as manufacturer, supplier, SEO, etc.


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