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Associating references to your combinations in bulk

Store Commander's CSV import tool allows you to associate unique reference to your combinations, whether they already exist or whether you are creating them via CSV import.


 Associating references when creating combinations

Your CSV file will include a line per combination. The Reference column will therefore include the reference associated to each combination.


For more detailed information on creating your products and their combinations by CSV import, please refer to this article.


 Associating references to existing combinations

To associate unique references to your existing combinations, the quickest way is to run an export using Store Commander's CSV export tool.

Your export file will include the following fields:

  • name_with_attributes (for information)
  • id_product_attribute (combination id)
  • reference 

You can then add or modify the references in the corresponding column of the generated export file..

And finally import this file to update your combinations with the new references.

The mapping and the identification options will be as below:




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