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What are the TODO.csv file and the hidden TODO category for?

TODO.csv file

Once you've started the import process, Store Commander automatically makes a copy of your CSV file named 'yourfilename.TODO.CSV'.

Store Commander will then use this file to import the data, line by line.
Once a line has been processed successfully, it will be deleted off the TODO file and so on.
If for any reason a line cannot be processed, the import process will stopped and a message will be displayed in the 'Process' panel.

Because each successfully processed line is automatically deleted off the TODO file, if the process stops, it means that the problem comes from the first line of the TODO file.
You can then download and edit the file to verify and fix the product the problem relates to.

If all the lines of the CSV file are imported, the TODO file will therefore be empty and automatically deleted.


Hidden TODO category

During the import process, a hidden category with the name 'yourfile.TODO.csv' will be automatically created if no default category has been specified in the CSV file when the products created during the import process

This category is used when products are created during the import process and are not associated to an existing category. In this case, the products are still imported and assigned to this hidden category.

You can the dispatch these products in the categories of your catalog.