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Checklist for seamless imports

Let me guide you through our checklist for effortless and fast CSV imports!

To begin with, make sure your CSV file includes column headers, as well as a line per product.

Then, in the CSV import window:

  1. The CSV file is loaded and selected (on an orange background)
  2. A line per column header is displayed - otherwise check the field/value separators
  3. Make sure the column headers match the database fields
  4. All necessary options are selected
  5. The mapping configuration is named and saved so you can reuse it later on
  6. The mapping name is selected in the top panel (optional but compulsory for CRON tasks)
  7. Then check the product identifier is correct and present in the mapping
  8. The action for new products is selected
  9. The action for existing products is selected
  10. The supplier is selected (if used)
  11. The option 'Force UTF8' is ticked/unticked to keep your accentuated characters
  12. If you are creating categories, the option is ticked
  13. If you are creating elements such as combination attributes, feature values, manufacturers, suppliers or tags, the option is ticked
  14. Remplace the number of lines (default 500) by the number of lines of your files
  15. The auto-import option is configured if the file is of a large size
  16. A summary of your import configuration is displayed in real-time in this panel, allowing you to check everything is correct one last time before starting your import.
  17. You are now ready! Start the import by clicking on the 'Import Data' icon