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Exporting specific prices

Database fields dedicated to specific prices are not available in Store Commander's CSV Export tool for technical reasons.

 Quick Export

The workaround is to first display your products in the central column, and then choose the Specific Prices grid in the right-hand-side column.

You then simply click on the Quick Export icon  on the toolbar.

This will copy the information in the grid onto a spreadsheet.

You can also use this Quick Export option within the interface dedicated to managing specific prices.


 CSV Import

If you are then going to modify the information in order to import the new specific price information using Store Commander's CSV import tool, the name of the following fields will need to be replaced by their corresponding ID:

  • Shop
  • Customers Group
  • Currency
  • Country


Please also note that when importing specific prices, the database field 'specific price: minimum quantity' is mandatory.

You will find detailed instructions in this article.


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