Adding custom fields to Store Commander


You can customize your Store Commander interface by integrating new fields using our addon Interface Customization PRO.

If you, or your web agency, have expertise in PHP/SQL/Javascript development language (required to use this addon), then you can introduce any field you want to your Sc.

On the other hand, you can get our development team to have this done for you by ordering this service 'Adding a field'.

But prior to ordering this service, we first need to make sure the fields can be added.

We therefore need precise information to know the feasibility as well as the development time required, in order to provide you with a quote.

Please note that your Store Commander version must be up to date for customized fields to be added to its interface.

Contact us providing us with the following information:

- Your PrestaShop version
- Name of the field to be added
- Name of the database table where the field exist in
- Value type: text, 2 digit number after comma, etc
- Does the field need to be available in Sc CSV Import?
- Does the field need to be available in Sc CSV Export?
- In which grid(s) of the interface doe the field need to be added, amongst the following:

  • products
  • combinations
  • multi-product combinations
  • positions
  • multistore
  • images
  • suppliers
  • specific prices
  • customers
  • orders
  • CMS

- Access your PrestaShop backoffice (url + email + pwd)