Treat yourself to Terminator, your Prestashop store is worth it!



  • Delete the content of tables, images and all tests to revert to a clean database. This will avoid cascading bugs when your store goes live or when you migrate to a new version of Prestashop!
  • Improve the display performances of your Prestashop store as well as user experience by deleting statistics that have become unnecessary and free some space on your server!
  • Boost your sales conversion rates. Quality display performances coupled with fast surfing experience will increase confidence and multiply your chances of having visitors actually purchase your products!



Introduction video and module demo



  • You can create a demo of this module by selecting "Live Demo" on this page.
  • The virtual Prestashop demo store is then created with all our Prestashop modules as well as our application Store Commander.
  • Terminator is available from the Modules tab.



Database - Putting stores into production or migrating to a new version of Prestashop

  • Deletes products stocks movements
  • Deletes inactive products
  • Deletes products for which the update date is < INPUT_DATE
  • Deletes the log
  • Deletes all shopping carts
  • Deletes all categories and all products. Keeps the default category “Homepage”.
  • Deletes images and documents files.
  • Deletes all commands, associated price rebates, products returned, customized products, credit notes
  • Deletes all credit notes
  • Deletes all customers and their addresses
  • Deletes all messages used as models when you communicate via the page detailing orders
  • Deletes all manufacturers
  • Deletes all suppliers
  • Deletes all carriers and the default (you). Resets carts and orders to display “carrier not selected”.
  • Deletes products and associated images files
  • Deletes all products customization
  • Deletes all products’ characteristics
  • Deletes all attributes and group of attributes
  • Deletes all comments made on products
  • Deletes all tags
  • Deletes all text aliases
  • Deletes all scenes
  • Deletes all discounts
  • Deletes all pages viewed
  • Deletes all connexion statistics
  • Resets prices range for carriers to zero
  • Resets weight range for carriers to zero
  • Deletes groups
  • Deletes refferers


Database - Maintaining and improving store performances

  • Deletes discount codes for which the maximum date is < INPUT_DATE
  • Deletes all research stats (search_index, search_word, sekeyword, statssearch)
  • Deletes all unused shopping carts > 30 days within the tab Orders
  • Deletes connexion statistics < INPUT_DATE (page_views, connexion, guests)
  • Deletes all pages unfound



  • Checks out whether you use the module for gifts’ lists and deletes all lists.
  • Checks out whether you use the module for loyalty points and deletes all points.
  • Modifies the next order number: if you delete orders, you may need to reset the billing meter to zero.
  • Modifies the next order number
  • Modifies the next customer account ID 


Set the next invoice number

  • If you delete orders you may need to reset the invoice counter. You can start from 1 or 1000 or from any other values.


Optimize tables

  • This option should be used if you have deleted a large part of a table. Deleted rows are maintained in a linked list and subsequent INSERT operations reuse old row positions. It will reclaim the unused space and defragment the data file. See MySQL manual for more information.



  • Deletes Prestashop theme cache
  • Deletes all file in /cache/smarty/cache/*.* and /cache/smarty/compile/*.* (except index.php)
  • Deletes all temporary images



  • This module does not overwrite the index.php files used to prevent visitors from reading PrestaShop folders.



  • Instructions to install the module are contained in the readme.html file which you will find in the zip file. Each blue tooltip you see on the screenshots opens up an information window with the various actions the module can perform.



  • Upload the module in Prestashop from the Modules menu and click on "install"
  • Teminator is then accessible from Modules menu in the backoffice.



  • PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6.x
  • Module version: 3.2.1


Technical Support

  • This module will be updated according to e-merchants’ needs and Prestashop’s future releases. Technical support is provided by Store Commander by email.
Modules FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about Modules
Yes, minor updates that do not induce a change of version (for instance 1.1 to 1.2) are free of charge upon request and proof of purchase (your invoice) ; major updates (for instance 1.4 to 2.0) which constitute major changes can be purchased from the Modules tab of our website (
Yes, Terminator is a classic Prestashop module and can be installed locally.
It is a global removal of all orders and all linked elements, impacting a few tables.
It is advised to keep and to empty the cache only when changes have been made to your template.
Terminator optimizes all tables at once. If you have only a few options on your hosting site and you have access to phpmyadmin, you can select and then optimize tables by groups and their sizes. Once logged onto phpmyadmin, select the database to get the list of tables, select a table group, or all tables and then deselect the bigger tables, and click on 'optimize' at the bottom of the page. Here is a technical explanation: Phpmyadmin shows the 'lost space' on the right-handside in columns when displaying tables. If the value is important, this is when you can use this tool.