Customer Export PRO: Filter and export customer data to meet all your needs!

Make exporting customers data a snap

Exporting your customer data has never been so simple!

Create customer files for each situation (advertising campaigns, customer satisfaction surveys) using the almost unlimited number of filters offered in our SC Customer Export Pro.


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The filtering level is really precise and possibilities are endless, allowing you to create customized exports for your customer database. Filters includes for example:

  • Registration Newsletter
  • Active account
  • Country
  • Customer Group
  • Order Properties (dates, products, number of orders, order amount)

You can include numerous fields to your exports, such as:

  • First name, last name
  • Email
  • Birthday date
  • Company
  • TVA number
  • Address (city, postcode, country, telephone)
  • Order information (number, amount, date and amount of the last order)
  • Customer groups


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