Order Export PrestaShop Module:
Save time when managing the e-commerce site accountings!

Discover Sc Order Export Pro module for PrestaShop and save time every month when doing your accounts!

Export orders fast...

...in order to save time when doing your accounts! Whether you're the one dealing with the accounts or if you use third party services, you're goal is to spend as less time as possible on this task.
It's easy with Order Export PRO module by Store Commander: you configure and save your export templates containing order information of your PrestaShop online store in a single operation.
You choose the filter options you need. On top of all export and filtering options available, you can also get order breakdowns for accounting needs, by coutry, by VAT, by currency, payment method, etc.



Functionalities in Order Export PRO module for PrestaShop

The filtering level is very accurate and you can mix and match filters as you wish. The filtering possibilities are almost endless, allowing you to customize all your exports. Filters include for instance:

  • Order statuses
  • Invoice and shipping dates
  • Payment methods
  • Amount paid, discounts, shipping
  • Products/categories within orders
  • Customer information
  • Shipping and invoicing information

You can also include lots of specific fields in your export templates, such as:

  • Order: Invoice date
  • Order: Shipping date
  • Order: Invoice number
  • Order: Order status
  • Amount: Payment mode
  • Amount: Total discount
  • Amount: Total paid
  • Amount: Total products incl. tax
  • Amount: Total discount
  • Amount: Total shipping
  • Order Detail: Product name
  • Order Detail: Product quantity
  • Order Detail: Product total price
  • Order Detail: Product VAT
  • Order Detail: Product tax rate
  • Order Customer: Gender
  • Order Customer: Firstname
  • Order Customer: Lastname
  • Order Customer: Email
  • Order Customer: Customer Groups
  • Address Delivery: Address
  • Address Invoice: Address
  • Calculated fields: Taxes breakdown
  • Calculated fields: Taxes breakdown per order
  • Calculated fields: Payment modes breakdown
  • Calculated fields: Credit notes
  • Calculated fields: Shipping country breakdown
  • Calculated fields: Invoice country breakdown


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How to order and install the module?

The module is accessible in Order > Export CSV menu in the latest version of Store Commander

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