Affiliation Program: Start your affiliation program!

Install Affiliation Program for PrestaShop in 5' and let it generate sales for you

Start your own affiliation program with Affiliation Program

Create and manage your own affiliation program

Decide what commissions you want to give to your affiliates

Manage affiliate partners quickly and easily

Upload advertising banners fast

Generate additional sales on your store


Affiliation Program functionalities

Managing affiliate partners

  • Add / Edit / Delete partners
  • Mass-edit (copy/paste
  • Change Log
  • Display total number of corresponding affiliates
  • Possibility to add a header or footer in the partner space 
  • Managing discount codes and commission % for the partner 
  • Display total commissions of corresponding partners
  • Display total commissions for all partners
  • Login to the store’s Front Office as the selected partner
  • Quick export
  • Monitoring partner's performances


Managing partners' affiliates

  • View order in CMS PrestaShop
  • Affiliate highlighted using a color code
  • Commissions highlighted using a color code
  • Display total of all orders
  • Affiliate registration via the discount code 
  • Quick export


Managing commissions

  • Add / Edit / Delete commissions
  • Generate a commission automatically to pay a partner
  • Display total commissions
  • Possibility to hide a commission 
  • Highlight affiliates using a color code
  • Highlight orders using  a color code
  • Highlight other associated commissions highlighted using a color code
  • Highlight columns using a color code according to status
  • Quick export


Managing orders

  • View order in PrestaShop store
  • Highlight affiliates using a color code
  • Highlight commissions using a color code
  • Display total of all orders
  • Quick export


Managing performances

  • Number of clicks and unique visitors per month
  • Turnover generated per month
  • Number of new affiliates and sales generated per month
  • Monthly conversion rate
  • Yearly conversion rate
  • Sales statistics; filter by shop 
  • Export the dashboard in CSV format 


Managing Partners Space

  • Display Partner codes
  • Display access URL for Partner's affiliates
  • List of affiliates
  • List of commissions awaiting payment
  • Status change from commissions awaiting payment to commissions invoiced
  • List of invoiced commissions
  • List of paid commissions
  • List of canceled commissions
  • Media Manager


Managing the program as administrator

  • Indicators and installation instructions
  • Instructions to uninstall
  • Configure the minimum amount to be able to generate invoices for commissions awaiting payment
  • Media: possibility to customize the redirection URL 
  • Possibility to display a message (also sent by email) when requesting payment
  • Possibility to limit or exclude a list of products from the affiliation program 
  • Selecting authorized statuses to activate commissions
  • Selecting authorized statuses to cancel commissions
  • Selecting authorized statuses to activate commissions to disaffiliate after the first order
  • Selecting authorized statuses to re-activate commissions (using the 1st order mode) when the order is canceled
  • PrestaShop multistore management for all panels in the interface

Included or 199€

Included in EXPERT.

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How to order and install the module?

Required: Store Commander subscription

1- To order: In Sc interface > e-Services menu
2- To activate: In Sc interface > Help > Update

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