FixMyPrestaShop: module to fix your PrestaShop fast

There are always misconfigured elements in a PrestaShop database. Don’t wait for a potential customer to tell you, be proactive! Clean your database and increase your convert rate.



Check and fix missing information in your e-shop

FixMyPrestaShop saves you invaluable time when it comes to managing your online store. This tool is a powerful solution to clean and optimize the database of your e-commerce site (backoffice and front office), in two ultra fast steps:

  1. Identify the part of the database where potential problems are (without changing anything on your shop)
  2. Take action directly and immediately to fix them

FixMyPrestaShop manages the verification on more than a hundred checkpoints in different tables of your PrestaShop database. There are problems frequently seen by e-commerce sites that need to be debugged quickly :

  • Ghost products
  • Missing Information: suppliers, carriers, categories, CMS block, order status, translation…
  • Orphan category
  • Default image
  • Product page with no URL rewrite
  • Invisible characters
  • Corrupt files

FixMyPrestaShop doesn't cost you anything, it's already included in your Store Commander application, whatever subscription plan chosen!
New controls are added within Store Commander updates.


Fonctionalities of the PrestaShop module: FixMyPrestaShop

FixMyPrestaShop checks over more than 100 check points in various tables of your PrestaShop database such as:

  • Missing product information in ps_product_lang
  • Missing product text information in ps_product
  • Ghost product in categories
  • Products without link rewrite
  • Missing translations in ps_attribute_lang
  • Missing attribute row in ps_attribute
  • Missing translations in ps_attribute_group_lang
  • Missing attribute group row in ps_attribute_group
  • Missing translations in ps_carrier_lang
  • Missing carrier row in ps_carrier
  • Missing translations in ps_category_lang
  • Missing category row in ps_category
  • Ghost categories in ps_category_product
  • Ghost category parents in ps_category
  • Missing translations in ps_country_lang
  • Missing country row in ps_country
  • Missing translations in ps_feature_lang
  • Missing feature row in ps_feature
  • Ghost features in ps_feature_product
  • Missing translations in ps_feature_value_lang
  • Missing feature value row in ps_feature_value
  • Missing translations in ps_group_lang
  • Missing feature value row in ps_group
  • Missing translations in ps_manufacturer_lang
  • Missing manufacturer row in ps_manufacturer
  • Missing translations in ps_supplier_lang
  • Missing supplier row in ps_supplier
  • Missing translations in ps_tax_lang
  • Missing tax row in ps_tax
  • Missing translations in ps_attachment_lang
  • Missing attachment row in ps_attachment
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_block_lang
  • Missing cms block row in ps_cms_block
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_category_lang
  • Missing cms category row in ps_cms_category
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_lang
  • Missing CMS row in ps_cms
  • Missing translations in ps_customization_field_lang
  • Missing customized fields in ps_customization_field
  • Missing translations in ps_order_state_lang
  • Missing order state row in ps_order_state
  • Missing rows in ps_[...]
  • Missing rows in ps_[...]_shop
  • Ghost product or combination in ps_stock_available
  • Product with no cover image
  • Products with same custom feature value
  • Duplicated reference on products
  • Duplicated reference on combinations
  • Duplicated ean13 on products
  • Duplicated ean13 on combinations
  • Etc.

Included in all plans!

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How to use the module?

The module is available from menu Tools > FixMyPrestaShop

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