SC FixMyPrestaShop: Identify and repair PrestaShop database bugs

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FixMyPrestaShop is a SC addon and its interface is accessible via the Tools within Store Commander.

Don't hesitate to try FixMyPrestaShop for free by clicking on the 'Try it on a demo store' button on your left.

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You can check & fix over 50 different issues and bugs occurring within the various tables of your PrestaShop database such as: 

  • Missing product information in ps_product_lang
  • Missing product text information in ps_product
  • Ghost product in categories
  • Products without link rewrite
  • Missing translations in ps_attribute_lang
  • Missing attribute row in ps_attribute
  • Missing translations in ps_attribute_group_lang
  • Missing attribute group row in ps_attribute_group
  • Missing translations in ps_carrier_lang
  • Missing carrier row in ps_carrier
  • Missing translations in ps_category_lang
  • Missing category row in ps_category
  • Ghost categories in ps_category_product
  • Ghost category parents in ps_category
  • Missing translations in ps_country_lang
  • Missing country row in ps_country
  • Missing translations in ps_feature_lang
  • Missing feature row in ps_feature
  • Ghost features in ps_feature_product
  • Missing translations in ps_feature_value_lang
  • Missing feature value row in ps_feature_value
  • Missing translations in ps_group_lang
  • Missing feature value row in ps_group
  • Missing translations in ps_manufacturer_lang
  • Missing manufacturer row in ps_manufacturer
  • Missing translations in ps_supplier_lang
  • Missing supplier row in ps_supplier
  • Missing translations in ps_tax_lang
  • Missing tax row in ps_tax
  • Missing translations in ps_attachment_lang
  • Missing attachment row in ps_attachment
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_block_lang
  • Missing cms block row in ps_cms_block
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_category_lang
  • Missing cms category row in ps_cms_category
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_lang
  • Missing CMS row in ps_cms
  • Missing translations in ps_customization_field_lang
  • Missing customized fields in ps_customization_field
  • Missing translations in ps_order_state_lang
  • Missing order state row in ps_order_state
  • Missing rows in ps_[...]
  • Missing rows in ps_[...]_shop
  • Ghost product or combination in ps_stock_available
  • Product with no cover image
  • Products with same custom feature value
  • Etc.
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PrestaShop 1.5 à 1.7


Active update period on your SC license


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