Check, identify and fix integrity errors found in your Prestashop database in minutes!

  • How to identify ghost products in your Pretsashop database?
  • How to see missing translations in a blink of an eye?
  • Click, find, repair!


Introduction video and module demo



  • You can test the module FixMyPrestshop (version SC Add-on) by creating a Live Demo on our website on this page.
  • Once you are into Store Commander's interface, go to Tools > FixMyPrestashop.
  • FixMyPrestashop is available in 2 formats: SC Add-on if you already own the application Store Commander and also as classic Prestashop module. When purchasing, it will automatically detect which format you require.



You can check & fix over 50 different issues occurring within the various tables of your Prestashop database such as: 

  • Missing product information in ps_product_lang
  • Missing product text information in ps_product
  • Ghost product in categories
  • Products without link rewrite
  • Missing translations in ps_attribute_lang
  • Missing attribute row in ps_attribute
  • Missing translations in ps_attribute_group_lang
  • Missing attribute group row in ps_attribute_group
  • Missing translations in ps_carrier_lang
  • Missing carrier row in ps_carrier
  • Missing translations in ps_category_lang
  • Missing category row in ps_category
  • Ghost categories in ps_category_product
  • Ghost category parents in ps_category
  • Missing translations in ps_country_lang
  • Missing country row in ps_country
  • Missing translations in ps_feature_lang
  • Missing feature row in ps_feature
  • Ghost features in ps_feature_product
  • Missing translations in ps_feature_value_lang
  • Missing feature value row in ps_feature_value
  • Missing translations in ps_group_lang
  • Missing feature value row in ps_group
  • Missing translations in ps_manufacturer_lang
  • Missing manufacturer row in ps_manufacturer
  • Missing translations in ps_supplier_lang
  • Missing supplier row in ps_supplier
  • Missing translations in ps_tax_lang
  • Missing tax row in ps_tax
  • Missing translations in ps_attachment_lang
  • Missing attachment row in ps_attachment
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_block_lang
  • Missing cms block row in ps_cms_block
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_category_lang
  • Missing cms category row in ps_cms_category
  • Missing translations in ps_cms_lang
  • Missing CMS row in ps_cms
  • Missing translations in ps_customization_field_lang
  • Missing customized fields in ps_customization_field
  • Missing translations in ps_order_state_lang
  • Missing order state row in ps_order_state
  • Missing rows in ps_[...]
  • Missing rows in ps_[...]_shop
  • Ghost product or combination in ps_stock_available
  • Product with no cover image
  • Products with same custom feature value
  • Etc.



  • Upon payment received, you can download the .zip file which contains the module to add to the /modules folder of your store. You will then go to Prestashop Backoffice > Modules to select 'Install'. The module will then be accessible under Modules > FixMyPrestashop > Configure
  • If you already own the time-saving application Store Commander, this module is available as an SC add-on and is accessible from the menu Tools > FixMyPrestashop



  • To be able to use this add-on, you need the module version of Store Commander (2012-10-29 minimum). 
  • If you do not have the module version, you will need to run a manual update. You will find the detailed instructions in this article.



  • Prestashop 1.1 to 1.6.x
  • Module version: 1.4.1



  • More information is available on the forum dedicated to our Add-ons on our knowledgebase.


Technical Support

  • This module will be updated according to e-merchants’ needs and Prestashop’s future releases.
  • Technical support is provided by Store Commander by email using