Store Commander New Offers in 2019

Store Commander New Offers in 2019

New offers available from 7th January 2019! Champagne!

In 2018, we grouped all our PrestaShop modules into addons within Store Commander, and created e-Services to provide you  with a simple and fluid ecosystem.

What we published in 2018:

Creation of the virtual currency: the Fizz allowing to pay micro-tasks inside SC like the Photo cutout:
e-Service Photo cutout integrated in the SC interface: the simplest product photo modification in the world!
SC TinyPNG to speed up the display of the shop by compressing images imported or loaded from SC
SC Ukoo Product Compatibilities to allow the visitor to find the products/spare parts corresponding to the object he owns
SC Amazon, SC Cdiscount and SC FeedBiz to manage in bulk the publication of products on Amazon and Cdiscount marketplaces
Statistics and a "pivot" table added to analyze sales
Combination editing from several products in the same grid
Generation of references on combinations in bulk
And a multitude of "small" modifications that save even more time!

In 2019, the objective is to make these tools available to as many people as possible. To do this we must:

  • Enable ecommerce site creation project leaders to integrate Store Commander with a minimal investment
  • Enable experienced retailers to benefit from an even more powerful version of Store Commander to boost their business

The new offers are a direct translation of this objective with access to Store Commander for only 29 €HT per month and a EXPERT offer containing management tools for marketplaces, segmentation tools, customer and order exports, etc.


What will this change for you?

You are already a Store Commander customer:

An important message fom the creator of Store Commander is available on your 'My Licenses' page on your account.

Simple: you carry on using your current license and apply updates as long as the support and update period is active, as before.

When this support and update period expires, you are free to:

  • Carry on using your current Store Commander version on your store
  • Choose a new offer to take advantage of all new features and improvements included in our updates and contact our customer service to accompany you

If you have purchased one or more SC addons in the past, they will work with the new offers! Simple!

You are not a Store Commander customer yet:

You can subscribe to the 2018 offers until 6th January 2019 and then switch to the 2019 offers later.

The new offers will be available on our website from January 7, 2019 (yes we could have chosen January 1st but we must recover from the holiday season in good conditions:) )

You are an agency/freelance partner:

The program rules must adapt to the new offers, you will receive information corresponding to the changes directly by email to the address corresponding to your partner account.


So in a word: SIMPLE!

And what are the plans?

We keep the Solo and MultiStores offers in the form of a monthly subscription (accessible to small budgets!) or annual, and there will be a 3rd plan: the Expert plan which gives access to a multitude of SC addons to strengthen your Store Commander and become an ecommerce superhero!

The offer table is available on this page.


One last last word: The roadmap for the first quarter of 2019 (= next available services!) 

  • We will rework our website as well as the e-Services window in Store Commander to be clearer: yes we are dynamic, very dynamic, and too dynamic when we accumulate the patches on our site and we don't take the time to properly present the great tools we are developing for you!
  • e-Service Translation (human) of product pages in a few clicks, integrated into SC
  • Optimization of CSV imports and exports
  • Redesign of SC tips displayed at the start of the application
  • Display of the "Daily Advice" offering a suggestion to boost your business according to your shop
  • More uplifting videos and webinars (thanks for your encouraging feedback!)
  • The rest is secret for the moment:)

The whole team puts its heart into the work to offer you the best ecommerce tools, 2019 will be dynamic!

I would like to thank all our customers and partners who have been loyal to us for so long...... 10 years! Yes! In 2019 we'll celebrate our 10th anniversary! In the meantime, we still have work to do to put these offers into production at the beginning of January:)

Speak soon!

Vincent and his Dream Team