The support team guides you through the Sc content

Le Support vous guide à travers les contenus Sc

If you know Store Commander, then you know that it's a full solution answering numerous issues e-merchants experience when working on their backoffice.

An abundance of features means a plethora of content in French, English and Spanish at your disposal, allowing you to use our Store Commander module in the best conditions.

The goal of our support is to accompany you throughout your usage of Store Commander, whatever your knowledge level or subscription plan. However, we would like to help you become more autonomous and as efficient as possible by finding the method best adapted to your needs and usage on a daily or punctual basis.

We understand that the wide variety of Sc contents available could be an ocean of information. That's the reason why we would like to explain in a little more details what the different types of support and contents are, for you to gain competency and find answers to your own questions.

Depending on your own work method, you'll find various types of support adapted to your needs and Sc usage. In this perspective, our article will be your guide on the various contents available to you.

Our blog articles have different purposes depending on their categories and/or your level of expertise and use of Sc.

Store Commander blog is divided in multiples categories and available for two CMS: PrestaShop and Shopify

- Corporate: this category gives you information on Store Commander as an organization

- Functionalities: here, we provide information on Sc key functionalities with methodology, through articles more popularized than the knowledge base and often accompanied by videos.

- Tips: rather short articles often including mini-tutorials highlighting some tips that you can easily apply in your Sc interface, for you to save a significant amount of time.

- Events: you'll be informed on events Store Commander attends as an exhibitor or as a visitor, giving you the opportunity to meet us.

- Webinars: find all replays of our webinars, as well as the current or next one to register to.

- E-commerce: follow information and news around the e-commerce subject.

Every month, we introduce a new blog article, published on our monthly newsletter, as well as on social networks.

 Remember to use keywords in the Search tool when browsing our blog page to find the article you're looking for.

Videos are always very much appreciated. They provide you with tips, methodology, answers to your questions, in just a few minutes, and whenever you want.

Our videos are highlighing various subjets: vertical businesses, functionalities, methodology, tips, technical information, popularization, or even collaboration.

Store Commander makes available different video formats, sometimes used in our articles or our various communications. We regularly post news on our video channels.

- Webinars: Our webinars are a moment of exchange between Sc and our users or people discovering the module. We usually explore a specific topic quite extensively (such as scheduling discounts), presented in a demo for about 25 minutes. Then comes the time where it's your talking time. Using the tchat, you can ask questions on any subject, and we'll be answering there and then, or eventually get back to you later on if it requires a little investigation. Webinar replays are all available online, but the live sessions allow to exchange there an then. Webinars are currently only available in French, but we're planning on introducing the same type of contents in English and in Spanish very soon.

- Screencasts: these 10-20 minutes videos present a specific subject or functionality, with a little less details than a tutorial. Screencasts allow you to understand a feature or a Sc tool (ex: a 20min video on our FixMyPrestaShop tool).

- Tutos: these 5 minutes videos give you a quick answer on a specific issue or on a specific feature together with the methodology. Tutos are often put forward in our 'Functionalities' articles.

- Mini-tutos: these are very short videos of under 3 minutes, showing you 'one-shot' action tips in Sc interface. You can then discover all the fine details of our module. Mini-tutos are usually included in our Tips articles.

Our channels

- Vimeo: we're putting in place a video library on this platform since 2020. We add to it regularly following our editorial needs. You'll find tutos, mini-tutos, some webinars and screencats on Store Commander for PrestaShop, and on Store Commander for Shopify.

- YouTube: this platform is a archived content place. We don't upload any new content. However, a lot of videos remain very useful for our users. Despite the old visuals used in these videos, most of them are still relevant to refine your knowledge of our solution.

- Livestorm: this is where all our webinars are stored. You can register to participate to our live sessions, or to view the available replay on demand.

Our knowledge base is a wide content support but oh so vital for our users. It includes all our functionlities and provide you with technical information and methodology to apply on your shop. There are about 500 different knowledge base articles, available in French, English as well as Spanish.

It's divided in various categories and sub-categories for you to easily browse as if you were in a library. You'll find FAQs, update history, articles on all functionalities, and information on our different addons, not to forget on our e-services.

Articles includes screenshots, videos and explanations using icons present in the interface of Store Commander.

To understand Store Commander solution, the knowledge base is a must. And you can check it any time you need and use the search tool to quickly find what you're looking for.

Last but not least, Store Commander training sessions are certainly the most advanced way to handle our module. If you don't have much time to read articles and are not ready to search our contents on your own, then Sc training sessions are for you!

Different training formats are available. Trainings are always adapted to your business type, and it's a time for one-2-one exchange with Store Commander support team. The session is always done directly on your shop and your data.

The handling is therefore a lot easier, and you'll save unvaluable time when getting training on our module.

As you would have understood, we are doing our utmost for our French, English and Spanish speaking user to fully enjoy the power of Store Commander, when working on their shops. Saving on autonomy will make you more independant on your backoffice, and thereafter save lots of time when using Store Commander daily.

Of course, if questions remains, Store Commander support is always available from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 12:30pm and from 2:00pm to 5:3pm. Get in touch using our integrated tchat , and we'll get back to you quickly to answer your questions.