Our e-commerce training courses
to improve in efficiency

Self-study or personalized coaching, all our training solutions are adapted to your online business configuration.
Have you explored our knowledge base and the user guide?

Our e-commerce training courses to improve in efficiency

Store Commander User Guide for e-merchants

To get started with your Store Commander application, we recommend that you read the complete Store Commander User Guide.

If you then want to optimize the management of your PrestaShop store with Store Commander, various parts of the Guide will help you progress on many topics: product and category price management, combinations or images, CSV import, CSV export, multistore management, orders, customers, advanced stocks and warehouses, SEO fields, customer relations...

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500+ articles dedicated to online sales

Our knowledge base is also accessible free of charge from the site. It includes the most common questions and provides very practical answers. A problem with subscription, installing the application on an iPad, changing languages? Customize the interface, export data, deepen your use of all the options offered by Store Commander? Don't be alone when faced with your questions, other merchants have certainly asked the same questions and you will find our answer in this knowledge base.

Check out our articles to get even faster! And once you have advanced and mastered the basic features, consider subscribing to the Expert plan, which includes all our Sc Addons.

Consult the knowledge base

Saving time

Fast handling or simply answering your questions... Adopt the right reflex by consulting the articles posted on our knowledge base. Updated on a regular basis, and free access on our website, this workspace will accompany you throughout your daily practice.

Articles posted on our knowledge base allow you to be trained at your own pace, according to your own problems and they are completed by operating tips that are displayed directly in the interface of your application.

Investing a little time when you start using the Store Commander application to train yourself with these tools will save you some time later!

Training, what for?

Fast handling: the trainer goes through your store management using the module, focusing on all functionalities that will save you time

Individual: our trainings are not group sessions, but individual meaning one2one. Customized and adapted to your store and products, the training sessions suit your specific store management needs. Of course many people managing the same shop can attend a training session.

Remotely: wherever you wish, in the comfort of your own home or at the office or in your store at a convenient and calm moment. Our trainings are distance learning sessions with remote access via Teamviewer and telephone.

Post training support: support is provided by phone and email after the training. Online documentation is also available.

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one2one Customized Training on Store Commander module

Save invaluable time and master the module quicker with our distant one2one training sessions!

Store Commander's formations

Training Store Commander solo

You want to make the most of the module functionalities quickly? This Initiation training is for you!

Within 2 hours, we will go through categories, products and their properties, focusing on functionalities that will save you time.

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Training for Store Commander Multistore

Make the most of multistore management quickly with this Initiation training.

A 3 hour session to fully understand and master the management of your catalog in multistore mode. All functionalities available in the interface are explained and adapted to your needs.

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Store Commander Import CSV training

Handle all your CSV imports after this 2 hour training session that includes the file formatting and all import configuration options within Store Commander will be explained, import test included.

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Store Commander Export CSV training

This 1 hour training session will allow you to run inventory, be present on market places simply by using SC CSV Export tool! The trainer will explain all export options and possibilities, with a practical test included.

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