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What's the difference between an expression search and a manual expression search?

You'll 2 types of expression search in our Segmentation tool:

- Expression search: allow ou to search a specific wording that you indicate in the segment configuration.

Example below: I need to have the list of products using the word 'dimension' in their descriptions.

The list of concerned product will be present in the segment that I can select.

What for? You can use the dimensions present in the descriptions to add them as product features and therefore optimize the layered navigation of your site.

- Manual expression search: allows you to search any wording on the fly to list the concerned products, by inserting the word in a seach bar.

Example below: I'd like to display all products using words of my choice that are included in their descriptions

When I click on the segment, I can enter the wording I need in the search popup to find and list the corresponding products.

Refrech  the central panel to run a new search.