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Working with ecotax in Store Commander?

Store Commander includes a display option for the ecotax amount which can be found under Tools > Settings > Catalog > Product > Price incl. tax contains ecotax

Value 1: Price including tax contains ecotax

The amount entered in the ecotax field is the amount including tax.
The ecotax amount excluding tax is deducted from the product price excl. tax.


Product price excl. tax = 50€
Product price incl. tax = 60€ (50 + 20%)

> Sets ecotax to 10€

Ecotax amount incl. tax = 10€
Ecotax amount excl. tax = 8.00€

New product price excl. tax = 41.96€ (HT- ecotax excl. tax)
Product price incl. tax = 59.80€

The price incl. tax is not modified in Store Commander, nor on the front office.


Value 0: Ecotax is not included in the price incl. tax but purely in the ecotax column

The calculation is as above. The difference is that the product prices incl. and excl. tax is not modified in Store Commander's interface.
On the other hand, the ecotax amount entered is added to the product price incl. tax on the front office.