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Updating stock by scanning barcodes

With the barcode scanner tool in Store Commander, you can update stock on products and combinations by simply scanning the barcode on the actual product!



Click on the icon  on the toolbar to open the interface.


Once in the interface, select wether you want to add, remove or replace stock and enter the quantity. You can then place your mouse in the 'Code' field and scan the barcode on your product.

The product is found instantly and displayed in the panel.

To validate, click on 'Validate'.

Once you have clicked on the code field, no need to click for each new product, simply scan the barcode > product found > scan > found > scan > found, etc.

At the end you can validate all by clicking on the validate icon in the table.


You could also validate the stock movements automatically if you want by ticking the corresponding option 'Automatically validate changes'.

In that case, the product will not be added to the list, and the stock will be automatically updated on the corresponding product.