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Information displayed in the Discounts view

You have configured discounts on products but the corresponding information is not displayed in the Discount view?

The reason is that only active/current promotions are present in the Discount view displayed on a dark pink background.

Future promotions will be displayed on a light pink background. 



Information on inactive promotions/discounts (past and future) are displayed in the Specific Prices panel in the Properties column. 


 Special case: Multiple current promotions

In the case of a product with multiple active promotions, only one can be displayed in the Discount view.
To find out which one it will be, priority rules are applied, considering start/end dates and specific prices IDs.

The specific prices can use different dates: specific or unlimited:

>> Unlimited dates are given priority

If unlimited dates are used for multiple prices:

>> The specific price ID is given priority


Taking the example of this product benefiting from 4 active discounts, let's first consider the dates and then the specific prices IDs.

  • 1 price with specific dates &  3 prices with unlimited dates: unlimited dates are given priority
  • the oldest ID of these 3 specific prices is ID 1328: this promotion will be displayed in the Discount view


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