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Customizing your PDF Catalogs

You can customize the PDF catalog according to detailed options in the module's configuration page as well as in the PDF documentation that you can download. You can also find additional information/tutorials here.

Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Logo: You can include your own logo by creating a logo_pdfcatalog.jpg file and add it to Prestashop /img/ folder. This logo will be automatically used by the module. You can also use a different logo by selecting 'Browse' in the 'header' section of the module's configuration page.
  • Catalog, Categories cover pages, table of contents: The module allows you to customized your own catalog cover page (as well as categories pages) using a .tpl file that you then select when configuring your catalog's settings.
  • Header and footer: An image is used as the header and the footer uses a text box with editing options such as the CSS editing. You can therefore customize it using a background, font colors, etc.

For more advanced customizations, the module being open source, you can make modifications yourself, or alternatively contact us for a quote.

Customization requests can be for instance (non exhaustive):

  • Specific formats that are not included in the module's 10 ready-to-use formats
  • Adaptation related to a database field that you have added to your store and that you wish to display in your PDF catalogs: RRP (recommanded retail price) field for example
  • Display an image for each products combination when the option 'combinations included' is selected
  • Insert a hyperlink in the footer
  • Insert a order slip at the end of the catalog
  • Modify the color of the table borders in lists formats
  • Etc.