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How to create an export template?

In the interface of the Order Export too, you'll find 2 sections: Filtered list and Export templates

In this article, we'll explain how to create a template.

A template will include the fields that you want in your export file: order ID, invoice number, total paid, etc).

To create a new template, click on the 'Add a template' button . Double click to edit and give a name to your new template.

Then, in the central column, add fields you want to include in your export file, by selecting them in the various drop down menus:

Note 1: if you include fields from the 'Order details' list, which are product information, the export fille will display 1 line per product - as opposed to 1 line per order. Therefore, column total will not be correct.

Note 2: if you want to include VAT breakdown, only use 1 field (not VAT breakdown + VAT breakdown by order, etc).

Finally, save your template at the end of the page: