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Associating products to manufacturers in bulk

In Store Commander, you can find an interface dedicated to managing Manufacturers, accessible from Catalog menu, within which you can see all products associated to a specific manufacturer. In this interface, you will see a Products panel in the Properties column on the right handside.

In this panel, you can associate and even dissociate products to various manufacturers in seconds!


1. List of products associated to a specific manufacturer

As soon as you select a manufacturer in the central column, all products associated are displayed in the right handside panel


2. List of products associated to any manufacturer

This icon   on the Products toolbar allows you to display the list of products that are not associated to any manufacturer. This option is a switch: click to enable/disable it. It will be on a slightly darker background when enabled.


3. Associating products to manufacturer

There are 2 methods to associate products to manufacturer:

- select the manufacturer name from the drop down list for a product


- use the mass association icon on the toolbar: this is the most efficient method since you can select multiple products to associate, rather than one by one when using the drop down list.


4. Dissociating products off a manufacturer

Using the mass-dissociating icon , you can remove product>manufacturer association.

Select the products in the list and hit the icon: instant modification!