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Products IDs are not created during the import process

You would like to create products by import using a CSV file which includes a column 'id_product'?

Store Commander's CSV import tool does not allow the product ID specified in your CSV file to be created: the products will be created but their IDs (id_product) will not correspond to the one included in your CSV file.

This is normal behavior because products and combinations IDs will be automatically created by Store Commander's import process.

PrestaShop's import tool allows products IDs included in your CSV file to be created: why?

PrestaShop's import tool works with a simple computer logic: products IDs can be created by import.
These IDs are only computer references (exclusively digital) and should not be used as product references.

As a merchant, you will share products information:

  • with your suppliers to add products: these suppliers might not be using a digital format and you probably will not have a unique reference per product on multiple suppliers if they use a digital system.
  • with market places: it is not very professional to use '1' for instance as a reference.

You could use a combination of characters for your products references so that they read better than a simple digit.

Store Commander goes further than PrestaShop's import tool because it allows you to identify the products using their reference rather than their IDs when updating products and their properties.
Store Commander makes the communication with your suppliers, market places, comparison sites, partners, etc a lot easier, because your products IDs do not mean anything to them, but the products references do.