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Tables used in queries

Database fields that you add are used in queries already calling some tables in the database.

Below is the list of tables used by grid, and you can use the aliases provided.


Products Grid

product p

product_lang pl

image i

When PrestaShop version is >= 1.5:

product_supplier ps

stock_available sa

supplier_shop ss

product_shop prs


Combinations Grid

product_attribute pa

product_attribute_combination pac

attribute a

attribute_group ag

attribute_lang al

attribute_group_lang agl

product p

When Prestashop version is >= 1.5:

product_shop p_shop

product_supplier ps

stock_available sa

product_attribute_shop pa_shop


Orders grid

orders o

order_history oh

message m (if Message column is used)

order_detail od (if In Stock column is used)

customer c

address ad (shipping address)

address adi (Invoice address)

storecom_delivery_info sdi (if SC Delivery Dates add-on is installed)


Customers Grid

customer c

address a (if id_address is present in the grid)