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Installation Questions & Answers

Will upgrading my PrestaShop store require additional steps because I am using Store Commander?

There are no additional steps; Store Commander features follow the PrestaShop version automatically.

Will there be any conflict when I upgrade my PrestaShop installation?

Store Commander is compatible from version 1.6.1 to version 8.x.

How do I uninstall Store Commander?

Follow the unistall process from PretaShop backoffice > Modules > Store Commander > Uninstall

What if I switch Databases? I often create a copy of my database then switch to it when I have upgraded my store.

You can create/restore a database backup. Store Commander works with the current database used by PrestaShop.

Can I install Store Commander on a development site?

Yes. As it is linked to your license, please contact our support team providing your license number.