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Managing customers groups fast in Store Commander

You will find a 'Groups' panel in the Properties column of Store Commander's Customers interface, where you can view the groups associated to a selected customer, and you can also associate or dissociate groups in bulk in just a few clicks.

As soon as you select a customer in the central panel (on an orange background), the groups associated are displayed as well as the default group.



You can then easily tick/untick boxes corresponding to the groups you want to associate/dissociate and also set the default group.

To display or associate/dissociate multiple customers to one or multiple groups in bulk, select these customers in the central panel (on an orange background), and tick/untick the boxes of the corresponding groups.

In the case of a multi-selection, a color code will be applied.



In the above example...

Dark blue:  all selected customers are associated to groups 'Default' & 'Professionals'
 all selected customers are using 'Default' as their default group

Dark grey: some of the selected customers are associated to groups 'Default' & 'Loyals'  

Light grey : none of the selected customers are associated to a group


 Mass-association - Mass-dissociation

Both icons on the toolbar allow you to associate  or dissociate group_delete.png multiple groups in just a click.

Simply select the groups in the grid (on an orange background) and hit the mass-association or dissociation icon.



 Group association in multistore mode

If you want to associate/dissociate customer groups to specific stores, you can set this up in PrestaShop > Customers > Groups > Name of Group > Modify

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