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Displaying Company/Reg/SIC in the interface

The fields Company/Reg/SIC exist in the database but by default they are not displayed in Store Commander's interface.

If you wish to display these columns, navigate to Tools > Settings > Customers > Show Company, Reg and SIC columns = 1.







Please note that this information also exists in the Addresses panel in the right-hand-side column.

 The information located in the central column refers to the data associated to the customer's account: PrestaShop backoffice > Customers > Name of customer > Modify

 The information located in the Addresses panel in the right-hand-side column refers to the addresses associated to orders (which can be different from the customer's address: PrestaShop backoffice > Customers > Customer's name > Address.

The database fields being different, the information displayed in the interface might also differ for this reason.

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