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How to create attribute groups through a CSV import?

When importing combination attributes with Store Commander, new attribute values detected in the csv file will automatically be created, thanks to the option 'Create elements (auto)', if they do not exist already of course.

As soon as the import process starts, attribute values present in the csv file will be checked. If they exists, they'll be used, if they don't exist, they'll be created automatically.

Please note that if the above option is not ticked and unknown values are detected, a message will be displayed for you to validate the creation before restarting your import.

It's also possible for new attribute groups to be created during an import process, but this requires to have very specific column titles in your csv file beforehand.

The column title needs to be: Group Name EN

Then, once the csv file is uploaded in the import window, in the Mapping panel, click straight away on the icon  'Load fields by name' on the toolbar.

This is when the combination fields will be automatically filled in with the name of the group in the Options column.

Using the 'Load fields by name' to automatically fill in the combination group name is what's going to create the new group. It's therefore necessary to respect the correct syntax in the column title if you want new combination groups to be created during the import process.

If the names of the new groups are not automatically completed in the Options colunm after clicking on the 'Load fields by name' icon, this means that the column titles of your files do not match the required syntax.