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GetMyAffiliates - How does it work?

This article explains step by step how to configure GetMyAffiliates in order to setup your affiliation program quickly.


GetMyAffiliates interface includes various tabs.


The Dashboard displays some financial indicators of your affiliation program by period.

The Affiliation Manager is the interface where you manage your partners and their commissions.

Medias is where you add banners that will be available to your partners to display on their websites.

Performances displays some of your affiliation program statistics

Configuration includes various settings that you can modify according to your needs when you start setting up the program.

Now, let's see how to setup your affiliation program with GetMyAffiliates.


Configuring your options

This is where you start setting up the affiliation program.

Here you can setup the threshold partners have to reach to request payment of their commissions



There are also some actions on commissions according to the orders statuses


You can also include or exclude a products category to your affiliation program




Adding a partner

From the Affiliation Manager tab, Affiliate Partners panel, click on the add icon add_dis.png.

A new line is then created where you need to enter the partners ID in the 'Customer' column.

The name of the partner is then automatically displayed, and a random partner code is generated as well as 10% commission applied. You can then modify the information by double clicking the corresponding cells to edit them.




Setting up the partners reduction codes and percentage

GetMyAffiliates allows you to setup a partner code with a commission percentage AND/OR a coupon code with a commission percentage. Note that a random partner code is generated automatically when the partner is added.

Both percentages can therefore be different for the same partner, but both are not cumulative, even if the affiliate (the customer) orders with the coupon code using the tracking URL.

The coupon code will always have priority and the commission % setup on the coupon code will be applied.



Adding banners

This is under the Media tab that you add the banners your partners will use to add onto their website. The banners includes the tracking URL to register the sales and generate commissions.

You can enable and disable banners and also add a specific redirection URL on a image of your choice.





Visualizing the partners affiliates and their orders

Within the Affiliation Manager, you can see the list of the partner's affiliates in the panel of the same name when selecting a partner (on an orange background) (in the Affiliate Partners panel).

In this panel, you can modify the affiliates statuses and commissioning mode.

The affiliates orders are displayed in the 'orders' panel when the affiliate is selected (on an orange background). Note that multiple affiliates can be selected at the same time, and all associated orders will also be displayed automatically in the corresponding panel.



Managing the partners commissions

Following the same principle, all commissions are displayed in the 'Commissions' panel when a partner is selected. Multiple partners can also be selected and all associated commissions are instantly displayed..

A color code is used when an affiliate is selected: the commissions associated to the orders are highlighted in pink in the Commissions panel. The multi-selection can also be applied in this instance.

To quickly pay all 'invoiced commissions', you simply filter by 'invoiced' status and hit the corresponding icon money.png on the toolbar.





Following your affiliation program performances

GetMyAffiliates not only gives you financial indicator on the Dashboard, the Performance tab displays various simple and easy to read statistics charts.



Exporting data

GetMyAffiliates allows you to quickly export data from the Affiliation Manager panel onto a spreadsheet.

Indeed, this option is located on the toolbar of all 4 panels by the page_excel.png icon. You simply need to click on it to then copy/paste the information displayed in the panel onto a spreadsheet.


In Multistore mode

If you are working in multistore mode, GetMyAffiliates allows you to display the information for a specific store, simply by selecting it in the available drop down list.

This option is available in all tabs of the interface as a drop down menu or as a 'shop' column in the panels, like in the Affiliation Manager:



The Partner Space

Each partner has his/her own affiliation space to access all the information related to the affiliation program such as his/her affiliates, commissions and can also follow the performance of the partnership with the merchant.


Accessing the Partner Space

The partner logs onto his/her account on the merchants site to then select 'My Affiliates & My Commissions'. The home page displays various tabs: dashboard, medias, commissions, affiliates and performances.

Please note that each site uses different template, therefore the screenshot below might not really reflect yours.




The tracking URL

On the Dashboard, the partner can see the tracking URL that contains the partner code, and/or the coupon code, both setup by the merchant.






This is where the partner can use the information provided by the merchant to then add the banner(s) onto his/her shop. The data includes the banner and the tracking URL with the partner code.






The partner can view the list of all his affiliates in this menu.





This is where the partner can view the details of his commissions: awaiting, invoiced, paid and canceled.

When the commission threshold (set by the merchant) has been reached, the partner can request payment simply by clicking on the 'Request payment' button automatically displayed in 'my awaiting commissions' tab.







The Dashboard as well as the Performances tab allow the partner to follow the income and various statistics brought by the partnership with the merchant through the affiliation program. The Dashboard displays sales information by period and Performances displays various statistics.