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Q&A GetMyAffiliates

Q: Does your product GetMyAffiliates exist as a PrestaShop module?

A: GetMyAffiliates is only available as a Store Commander module.


Q: Is GetMyAffiliates compatible with all PrestaShop versions?

A: GetMyAffiliates is compatible with PrestaShop versions 1.4 to 1.7.x


Q: How much does GetMyAffiliates cost?

A: The tool is included in Solo+ and MultiStore+ plans.


Q: What do you mean by 'Affiliate Partner'?

A: This is someone who created a customer's account on your store. He is a 1st level affiliate, the affiliate partner.

A code is provided to this Partner, the 'Partner Code', that he will be able to use on banners to redirect his visitors to your website,

Each partner receives a commission percentage based on sales generated by the affiliates on your store. The percentage is previously set by you when registering a partner to your affiliation program, which is 10% by default in the module.


Q: Does an affiliated partner get commission when an existing customer orders from the website of this affiliated partner?

A: Yes, because this customer will use the URL that contains your affiliated partner code to access your site.


Q: I have a Sc MultiStore+ plane. Can I use GetMyAffiliates on my 10 stores?

A: Yes. Since the addon is associated to your Store Commander plan, simply apply an update in Sc interface to enable GetMyAffiliates.


Q: Is the partner affilate's commission % applied on price including or excluding tax?

A: There is an option in the Configuration for you to choose whether you want to apply the % on price incl. or excl. tax


Q: Does the affiliate's commission % include shipping costs?

A: It does not include the shipping costs


Q: Does the affiliate partner register via a specific form?

A: No, it is up to partner to contact the merchants requesting to join his affiliation program, and the merchants does the registration. There is no automated form.


Q: What format can I use for my banners?

A: You can use jpeg, jpg, png and gif