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Rounding up prices

You can quickly round up the prices of all products on your shop using Store Commander rounding option, so that they are 'psychologically' correct for your potential customers.

Rounding up options can be applied to the wholesale price, the selling price and to the normal price.

Since the option is part of the mass-update menu, the price rounding options can be applied to dozens or even hundreds of products in bulk in 2 minutes.

The rounding options can be found in the popup menu (right mouse click in the column of the price you want to modify) > Mass update > Rounding up the Price => Several rounding rules available.

Caution! The option will be grayed out if your mouse is in another column.



You have the possibility to round up prices of a whole selection of products by selecting them beforehand. The modification will be applied to all selected products.

  • For instance, let's select all products in a collection, using the mass-selection icon application_lightning.png on the toolbar.
  • With your mouse in the Price column, right-click to display the pop-up menu > Mass update > rounding up the price => select the option of your choice.
  • Upon validation, all prices of the selected products have been rounded according to your choice.


This price rounding option is also applicable to your variants in the same pop-up menu > Mass-update > Variants > Rounding prices


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