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How can I round up product prices?

If your product prices are not 'psychologically' correct, meaning they use 'random' decimals, you can, thanks to the Sc App, modify prices by applying a rounding up option of your choice: x.99 or x.90 for instance.

The round up option is located in the popup menu (right click) when you click on the price column you want to change.

Beware! The option will be grayed out if click is in another column.

To apply the modification on a large number of products, first select the concerne products in the central column:

- by either selecting manually using the CTRL key of your keyboard

- by selecting all products in the displayed list using the mass selection icon

Then, place your mouse on the price column you want to change > right click to display the mass update options > round up > select your option

The grid will refresh itself automatically, and prices have been rounded up in just a few steps.

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