PrestaShop Advanced Stock Management Module

Improve productivity at every step


An e-merchant is vigilant and attentive to every detail: administration of the PrestaShop virtual store, promotional calendar and sales strategy, changing photos, texts and prices -- and, of course, logistics.


Mass update of all data

Internet is virtual space in perpetual motion. An e-merchant must be quicker to react and adapt than others. What if a competitor goes on the offensive? Destock if a product line is unsuccessful? A foreign manufacturer raises his prices? Adjust prices of imported goods if the exchange rate evolves?


Day-to-day developments require flexible and effective tools, particularly when it comes to updating prices. With Store Commanders’ “CSV import" feature, you setup and automate price updates and other product properties in a single, simple operation.


It is just as easy to round up prices or to launch special offers: select a series of products, right-click, copy and paste: that's all, folks!


Closer to your sales

Intuitive and ergonomic, Store Commander modules include numerous functionalities made to save your time. Global view of your full catalog, control and management in real time, combination management... Commercial and marketing actions are just a step away!


Orders, delivery slips: validation and dispatching

Once the shopping cart has been validated by the customer, an order is generated in the backoffice. Using Store Commander, you select ready-to-ship orders, validate them, and issue the delivery slips in a single operation.


A warehouse picker or stock manager benefits from the same ease of use: on Store Commander, orders can be grouped together by type of article rationalizing transport and reducing the time needed to complete an order.


Monitor all your stocks at any given time

The features of the SC module have been designed to facilitate stock management: Stock transfer or general and specific overview of each stock is accessible in just a few clicks.


Trick of the trade: Some of our customers use our tools to create a warehouse for each sales agent on the road!