SC MULTISTORES was designed for store owners and webmasters who manage various PrestaShop stores and who are eager to enhance and optimize their PrestaShop backoffice management with mass-updating and fast navigating features.

A SC Multistores license allows you to manage multiple shops belonging to the same owner. And the same goes for Web Agencies: 1 multistore license to manage multiple shops belonging to the SAME merchant.



SC MULTISTORES is a full version of Store Commander and includes 100% of features such as all mass-updating as well as CSV import and Universal CSV Export features:

  • Associating products to combinations in bulk
  • Associating images to combinations in bulk
  • Assigning multiple categories to products at once
  • Deleting products, features, attributes, tags, accessories and much more in bulk
  • Mass-uploading images from a PC, MAC or external source
  • Adding products to categories in bulk
  • Creating accessories, attachments and tags in bulk
  • Associating accessories, attachments ans tags to products in bulk
  • Creating combinations in bulk using the CSV import feature
  • Mass-updating suppliers' information using CSV import feature
  • Mass-updating product fields: price, VAT, short and long descriptions, delivery dates, wholesale price, quantities, reduction %, reduction date from and to, quantity discounts, etc
  • Mass-updating attributes and characteristics: weight, color, material, height, etc
  • Organizing a promotional campaign in seconds using the mass product manager in SC
  • Exporting all products from PrestaShop store A to PrestaShop store B, C...
  • Managing orders in bulk
  • Managing customers in bulk
  • Customers service management
  • Managing advanced stock and warehouses
  • 12 months free updates and support




  • PrestaShop 1.5 to 1.7  ( minimum)



Enough time wasted trying to install a Windows application on your PC! Store Commander installs directly onto your online store in just 5-10 minutes in most cases. 
All you need is a web browser and you can then rapidly enjoy your new application and manage your catalog in a fast and efficient manner!

Please refer to our article for more detailed information.