Modules FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about Modules
To be able to use this add-on, you need the module version of Store Commander (2013-09-09 minimum). If you do not have the module version, you will need to run a manual update. You will find the detailed instructions in this article. If are not using Store Commander, you can purchase the standard PrestaShop module version.
This is someone who created a customer’s account on your store. He is a 1st level affiliate, the affiliate partner. A code is provided to this Partner, the ‘Partner Code’, that he will be able to use on banners to redirect his visitors to your website, Each partner receives a commission percentage based on sales generated by the affiliates on your store. The percentage is previously set by you when registering a partner to your affiliation program, which is 10% by default in the module.
Yes, because this customer will use the URL that contains your affiliated partner code to access your site.
No, it is up to partner to contact the merchants requesting to join his affiliation program, and the merchants does the registration. There is no automated form.