Modules FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about Modules
Order Export Pro is compatible with PrestaShop versions 1.4 to 1.7.x
Yes, the zip file you will download includes installation instructions in the text file. To make the task even easier, the installation/uninstallation has been optimized and no longer requires copies of files in PrestaShop or any core modifications.
You can test the module on a virtual shop by creating a demo. Click on the corresponding button on the left handside of the product page, or from this page. The virtual store includes all our modules, Store Commander included, and Order Export Pro is accessible under Orders menu.
The public price is 49€ excl. tax.
Order Export Pro is available as a standard PrestaShop module only.
Yes of course, all our modules are looked after and support is managed via email or using our contact form.
Yes, updates which do not require a change of version (for instance from 1.1 to 1.2) are free upon request and upon proof of purchase (PDF copy of your invoice). Major updates (for instance from 1.4 to 2.0) imply substantial changes and therefore a change of version is required. Major updates are chargeable and available on our store under our 'Modules' tab.
The default settings grant administrators access exclusively. You can however change permissions according to your requirements going to the menus Employees > Permissions. You can for instance configure access so that one of your employees has access to this one and only module.