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Highly Recommended .What used to take me the whole day is done in an hour . I cant imagine maintaining a prestashop product catalog without it . YOU HAVE TO GET THIS PRODUCT . Thanks Store Commander.

Mr Wayne, Owner of Zaps.co.za, South Africa


When starting our Prestashop-based webshop we were struggling with tens of thousands of articles and a supplier that wasn't cooperating. I've spent months trying to clean cvs and xls. In the end, we decided to implement Store Commander and that was some relief! After consulting an Excel specialist it appeared that the data we were receiving was simply unusable, especially with updates in mind. We then decided to drop the bulk of data and only use specific products. Now there are "only" a few hundred in our shop and managing these with Store Commander is really easy, even with a relatively small ammount of product SC proves it's value! I can sum the whole project up in one line: "Last night Store Commander saved my Life!"

William Pompen, Creative Director, KCPerformance.eu, The Netherlands

Site Katzelkraft

I just spent the afternoon using Store Commander and this is a real pleasure! This application is fantastic. I do not regret my investment for one second! Stocks management is crucial for any respectable e-shop. With Store Commander, I can manage all on the fly and I spend 5 minutes where it previously took me 1 hour. I sincerely recommend it!

Béatrice Neumaster, owner katzelkraft.fr

Site My Deco Shop

I have just modified all my delivery dates in less than 10 minutes for all my 300 products in 2 languages...This is fantastic!

Fabrice Koch, owner My-deco-shop.com

Site Headict

With Store Commander we gain invaluable time to organise our categories. The tool is simple to get to grip with and the support team is always reactive!

Antonin Lefebvre, Founder, Headict.co.uk

Site Newquest

We regularly recommend Store Commander to our customers who pest against Prestashop back-office slowness when they want to update their catalog. This application offers a fast and intuitive interface allowing our merchants to gain invaluable time. Developments are frequent and the team is available and aware of its customers' evolving needs.

Cyrille Messageot, Newquest Agency

Site Accrogolf

A quick word to say that managing my catalog of products has turned into a pleasant task since I have been using Store Commander. A real pleasure and above all a genuine time-saving application. Well done to your team!

Eric Frohlich, Accrogolf.fr

Site AECamp

I have been using Store Commander for a year now. Looking back, I believe my investment is twice reimbursed!

Franck Edel, owner Aecamp Accessoires

Site Alibabike

With Store Commander, I can upload all of my 9000 products within 14 seconds chrono. I cal also find a product in less than 3 seconds now.

Philippe Moura, owner Alibabike.com

Site Décorations de mariage

A huge time-saver! It previously took me hours to integrate my products one by one into my Prestashop catalog. With Store Commander, I just need to import my database and all my products are created in just one minute! It took me a little while to familiarise myself to the application at first, but now I could not do without it.

Géraldine Zimmer, owner decorationsdemariage.fr

Site Timefy

Store Commander is the precise answer to a daily issue : efficient online management, organising products quickly and... save invaluable time. A tool really complimentary to Prestashop which covers for its weaknesses in terms of catalog management.

Benoit Chopin, President Timefy.com