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Managing compatibility within products in PrestaShop


Do you sell parts? Accessories?

How do your customers do to find THE product corresponding to their needs?

Search engines, layered navigation or other classic tools are not efficient enough to overcome this issue.

Together with UKOO agency, we have worked to design an addon that manages multiple compatibilities within products.

Enough of thousands categories slowing down your site and increasing the time your customers take browsing your website.


The solution is the combination of the PrestaShop module designed by Ukoo, a step by step search tool for parts or customized accessories including a landing page structure adapted for a better SEO, and of Store Commander addon, to manage in bulk all the various information to include to your product pages.

Thanks to Store Commander Addon for Ukoo Spare Parts module, you will be able to manage all compatibilities associated to your products directly into Store Commander interface, and benefit from all the power of this tool to manage your catalog in bulk:


  • Copy/paste compatibility lists on your products
  • Create compatibilities on the fly using the included generator
  • Check existing compatibilities fast using the search tool
  • Merge duplicated or incorrectly named compatibilities
  • Re-order criteria to provide a better display for your visitors







Prerequisites: To take advantage to this solution, you'll need PrestaShop 1.6 and the latest Store Commander version, as well as Spare Parts Manager module.

To get the SC addon, select your license key at the top of the page, click 'Save' and then 'Add to cart'. Upon payment validation, you will just need to apply an update in Store Commander interface > Help > Update, and the addon will be installed.