Store Commander Sarl: Tell us about your e-shop and the reasons for choosing to optimise your Prestashop back office

Sylvain Bruyère: is a cross-channel trading company, selling online and via a physical shop. Running on Prestashop for about 3 years, we developped numerous time-saving tools. However, as time went by, we could see the limitations of the Prestashop back office, especially as regards stock update and order status modification, which were particularly slow.


SCS: What criteria influenced your decision to purchase Store Commander?

SB: Products storage and orders modification were the two functionalities we tested that encouraged us to purchase Store Commander. Today, we continue to be pleased with other numerous functionalities that we use daily. We love 'the quick search',  updating a product in real time without any additional clicks,  the quick export, very handy for orders.


SCS: Would you recommend Store Commander to another Prestashop merchant?

SB: Certainly. Having discussed Store Commander with other merchants using it, only positive comments have been made.

SCS: What piece of advice would you give to a merchant currently evaluating Store Commander for Prestashop?

SB: At first the tool may seem a bit daunting to begin with. My advice would be to take the time to get into it, as you will not be disappointed.


 Sylvain Bruyère, Owner of