Store Commander Sarl: Tell us about your e-shop and the reasons for choosing to optimise your Prestashop back office

Siomos Panagiotis: is an e-shop offering wall stickers & digital printing services.
With Store Commander I have a comprehensive overview of my shop and a tool to manage it extremely fast


SCS: What criteria influenced your decision to purchase Store Commander?

SP: Fast administration.


SCS: Would you recommend Store Commander to another Prestashop merchant?

SP: Yes I would. Store Commander is fast, easy to use and you can have on a single webpage, an almost complete view of your store. Furthermore, the support is fast and accurate.

SCS: What piece of advice would you give to a merchant currently evaluating Store Commander for Prestashop?

SP: If you have a Prestashop e-shop with a lot of products and/or multiple categories and/or attributes the only current way to have a comprehensive knowledge of your shop is Store Commander.


 Siomos Panagiotis, Owner of