Store Commander Sarl: Tell us about your e-shop and the reasons for choosing to optimise your Prestashop back office

Christian Kline: is a small but powerful force in the online musical retail business. We recently upgraded our shopping cart system to Prestashop and have been greatly impressed with it's abilities. With the fact that we manage over 10,000 products in our online store (with another 10,000 to list) we needed a simple yet powerful system to manage even the smallest of tasks. Store Commander seemed like an expensive option at first, but after using it for just a day we realized that is was going to be a huge time saver.
SCS: What criteria influenced your decision to purchase Store Commander?


CK: The ease of use and simple power.

SCS: Would you recommend Store Commander to another Prestashop merchant?

CK: I would recommend it to every Prestashop merchant with a large array of products.
SCS: What piece of advice would you give to a merchant currently evaluating Store Commander for Prestashop?


CK: Don't let the cost sway you - The time saved with even just a few days of use will have the software pay for itself.



Christian Kline, Manager at