Discover Sc export tools: Extract product, order and customer data

Discover Sc export tools: Extract product, order and customer data

Webinar on the 30th november at 11:00 am

Duration 30 min + questions

Within the Store Commander interface, you'll find many time-saving tools to help you easily organize your data. In addition to the key features for which Sc is renowned, such as price management and mass management of your product catalog, our module enables you to work via CSV import/export.

This webinar will be dedicated to the various export tools in Sc, in which we'll explore the multiple possibilities offered by this tool. Indeed, you can extract information from your product catalog, but also from your customers, as well as your orders.

In this 30-minute webinar + 15-minute Q&A session, discover how to export your data with Store Commander.

What we'll explore in this webinar:

- Export product catalog :

  • to retrieve product information for store migration,
  • to optimize product SEO,
  • to carry out an inventory.

 - Order data export :

  • to obtain statistics (e.g. sales),
  • to distribute information to an accounting department (e.g. VAT breakdown, credit notes, etc.).

 - Export customer information :

  • for targeted marketing actions,
  • to feed a CRM.

Don't hesitate to prepare your questions according to your needs and/or your use of the tool, so as to guide the demonstration during the webinar.

Webinar open to all!