5 excellent reasons to attend one of our training sessions

5 excellent reasons to attend one of our training sessions

1. Save time!

When it comes to discovering a new application, some people prefer to do this alone, no matter how long it takes. This time spent could be allocated to a more efficient and productive activity such as customer services or developing sales strategies.

If you are a Prestashop store owner or webmaster who would rather get to the point to optimize your invaluable time, you are already aware of the benefits of attending a Store Commander training

Time invested in attending a training session will be returned a hundredfold.

2. 100% customized

Store Commander’s training sessions are far from being the classic lecture-type sessions. Quite the opposite, they are 100% customized, just like a private lesson, but remotely delivered in the comfort of your own home or office.

You work on a one-to-one basis directly on your store, with your products, your CSV files making the training 10 times more efficient.

Not only the training course includes detailed explanations on Store Commander’s functionalities, it also totally meets the trainee’s needs in terms of usability and adapts to stores with their own specialties.

Products management is no secret for you but you would like to learn more about SEO management? Our trainer will adapt the contents of the training course to spend more time on SEO management and a little less on products management so that it fits your needs.

For you as a store owner, your webmaster and any other member of staff using Store Commander on a regular basis, this is a significant advantage to continue saving time and be more efficient every day.

3. 100% high-quality, relevant and efficient

Store Commander's training sessions are of high-quality and relevant for all Prestashop store owners wishing to optimize their management time to be able to concentrate on what matters most: making money…

With over 250 available functionalities to mass-manage your Prestashop back office, it is sometimes difficult to know them all… Let the trainer show you and teach you how to use them efficiently step by step.

Attending a Store Commander training sessions means a fast handling of the application and the trainee becomes autonomous just after a few hours of training and a little practice of course !

Rare are the merchants who get in touch with the support team following their attendance at one of our training sessions, except to provide positive feedback !

4. Sell more !

With tips adapted to YOUR store and YOUR use, customized advice and tips are available to you: prepare your sales and promotions, introduce a new products block to sell out-of-stock products faster, activate.deactivate products in bulk to sell quicker and increase your turnover !

5. 100% customers satisfaction

A customer satisfaction survey is automatically emailed to all attendees. The result is a shining 100% satisfaction rate!

Reasons are simple and originate mainly from the quality of the training contents, its customized format according to merchants specific needs and features, and from the trainer’s teaching and communication skills.

To find out more, please refer to our training pages, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Speak to you soon !