Year-end sales made easy with Sc tools

Des ventes de fins d'année sereines avec les outils Sc

As always, the last quarter of the year and the month of January are shaping up to be a period of higher activity. Sales increase with Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, as well as the winter sales during the end-of-year festivities.

Store Commander remains your ally in this bus period too, to help you stay productive. We provide you with tools within the Sc interface to organize your work and save time efficiently.

During these periods, two issues predominate:

  • preparing promotional campagins and managing special prices,
  • managing orders

In this article, discover tutorials and video tips (less than 5 minutes long) to meet these challenges with Store Commander.

Price management in Store Commander:

You'll find the specific prices panel to display your store's promotions and prices in Sc property column

When you create specific prices such as promotions, you can then round up or down the prices of your products

If you're in multistore mode, you can set up promotions by shop using Sc store tree to work with.

Efficient order management in Store Commander:

In Store Commander's order interface, you can manage your orders in bulk to save time.

In your Sc orders catalog, you have the option of filtering to work only on specific orders.

It's your turn to use these features on Store Commander and save time managing your store!