Enlightning you with 5 tips on Sc for Shopify

Vous éclairez avec Sc pour Shopify en 5 Tips

The new 5 tips article on Store Commander for Shopify has arrived!

In this second part, we've selected some features that are going to get hold of the interface even more. The following tips have the same goal: providing you with the ergonomical interface best adapted to your catalog management.

We have therefore focused on customizing the visuals of the interface. Here it goes!

1. Creating customized views

Do you need to work with specific fields in a custom view?

Sc interface includes multiple views with different fields for you to manage various information on your products. You can then select the view you need according to the work you need to do.
On top of that, you also have another tool to create your own views, accessible in Tools menu, called Interface Customization.
Now you can introduce new views with the fields you want, in the order you want, etc.
The only limit: your work organization and imagination :)

2. Modifying an existing view

Do you want to modify an existing view in your Sc interface?

Nothing more simple using the Interface Customization tool, accessible in Tools menu in your Sc for Shopify interface.
Select the view and manipulate the fields in the middle panel.

3. Making a column wider

Is the column not wide enough to see the information?

That's not a problem, you can choose the width of any column using the Interface Customization tool :)

4. Renaming a column

Would you like to use your own words?

The Interface Customization tool allows you to change the name of the columns displayed in your Sc for Shopify interface, without impacting your shop.

5. Printing a product list

Do you need to run an inventory or get a global view of your stock?

Once you have chosen the information to extract in one of your custom view, you can then use the  icon on the toolbar.
This will open up a new tab with the product information, ready to print!


Sc Dream Team