5 Tips to be even more efficient with Sc

5 Astuces pour être encore plus efficace avec Sc (part. 2)

At Store Commander, we dig into our brain everyday to provide you with a solution full of features you need to optimize your work daily. This is why we hope that the first '5 tips' article helped you be more efficient already. If you haven't read it yet, here it is.

It's with small actions and manipulations that Sc can save you more and more time and agility.

This is therfore with great pleasure that we are sharing with you 5 new tips to use with absolutely no moderation in your Sc interface. In just a few clicks, reorganize your catalog, manage orders, configure your interace or take notes so that you don't forget anything....

Our 5 tips for you:

1. Filtering Orders

Did you know that you can filter orders by status as well as period?

And remember to save your filtering options to be even more efficient!

2. Merging duplicate combination attributes

The attribute and group management is a very interesting tool to maintain the infformation system of our shop.

To make the management of a big catalg easier, you can merge duplicated attributes witiin the same group.

Don't hesitate to merge these potential duplicated attributes. At the same time, you'll see the number of products using the attributes.

3. Quick link to an external site

To easily access external services, create shortcut links in the Links menu of your Store Commander interface.

Select 'Manage Links' in the links menu to open the Settings panel. In the 'Value' column, enter [name of your link;url of your link].

Validate, refresh and the link is available!

4. Taking notes on the fly

Have you noticed the Notepad on the status bar at the bottom of Sc interface? It's accessible from any interface, products, orders, customers.

The notepad is specific to the PrestaShop employee connected to Sc.

5. Log on as a customer on your shop

Login as your customer on your shop to finalize the order with your customer over the phone, or manage specific customer group prices.

In the Order interface, select an order and hit the icon . A new tab will open up directly on your customer's cart, and you continue the ordering process with the customer.


It's now your turn to put these tips into practice in your own Sc interface, and give us some feedback! And if you have any other tips you'd like to share here, please let us know :)

Don't hesitate to share with your Team!

Sc Dream Team