5 Tips to always be more efficient with Sc!

5 Astuces pour toujours plus d'efficacité sur Sc !

Sc user, our module is most definitly saving your a lot of time whilst managing your e-shop.

This is a very rich and complete solution, and numerous tips and good practices are available to you to become more efficient as you manipulate Sc daily and really consider the power of this tool.

Let us give you 5 useful tips (in case you don't know them yet) to be even more agile whether you're a novice or experienced user.

5 Sc tips:


1. Do you need to copy the same information on multiple products (price, brand, stock, name...)?

Don't forget to use the copy/paste functionality in Sc: right click to copy, and right click again to paste the information onto other products.

And it's done in seconds!

2. Do you need to swap from the Catalog interface to the Order management without loosing what you are doing

Simple :) Hold on to the CTRL key and click the Orders menu: a new tab will open up to disply Sc Order interface while the Product Catalog is still open.

This tip is applicable to any interface; orders to customers, customers to CMS, etc. Very useful!

3. You're not using all of Sc functionalities?

Simplify your interface to access what's more useful quicker. Thanks to Sc user permisions, available in Tools menu, select to display only the information that's useful to you, and hide what you don'tneed.

Remember that you can also create or customer grids and views of your Sc interface with the Interface Customization tool :)

4. Are you products using barcodes?

Update your stock with a barcode scanner in Store Commander using the EAN13 stock management.

5. Be more comfortable when writing product descriptions!

Using this icon, open the main description panel wide, hiding the short description panel automatically, giving you more space to type your text.

Also remember to resize the columns of the interface with this icon especially when you are translating descriptions!


We wish you an agile and efficient use of Sc, and don't hesitate to give us your feedback.
Share these tips with your team.

Sc Dream Team