Keepass Security breach

Faille de sécurité Keepass

In our previous "Security' article published last December, we talked about the hacking of the password manafer LastPass. Now, early 2023, it's now the open source password manager "KeePass" being impacted by a critical security breach.

With millions of users across the world, this vulnerability is considered as particularly critical. Indeed, the tool stores login details as well as other "sensitive" information in a secured and encrypted safe.

It is advised for users to update KeePass using 2.53 version available on the tool's official website.

Are you not using KeyPass? You are still concerned!

Indeed, you can not be sure that people who had access to your backoffice in the past did not save their password using Keepass. We therefore advise to reset passwords of everyone with an account to access the backoffice!

If you are a KeePass customer, the advise is to use a random and strong password that has not been previously used on other websites.

Below you'll find links referring to this security breach: